My Survival Guide to Seasonal (pollen) Allergy

On and off I have been a victim of seasonal allergies throughout my twenties and in my thirties, I still have not achieved absolution. Although, it is not a happy thought, I have learned to deal with this recurring nightmare. Here are a few vetted tips.

  • Do not be a hero

Seasonal allergens are stubborn like a doggy with a bone, so might as well give in. It’s not going to go away and it will continue to make you miserable. So, take precautions, medicine whatever you need to do to survive the season.

  • Drugs are the solution

Quickly run to your local pharmacy and get over the counter allergy medicine. Be careful to get the “non-drowsy” type, I am sure your boss/teacher will be grateful for not sleeping through the work/class hours. It’s not a miracle cure but it will definitely make a difficult day easier to bear.

  • Clean, clean and then clean some more

Although dust is known to aggravate my condition, my primary concern is the pollen that I bring from outside. It’s in my hair, clothes, shoe bottoms and bed. Some of the preemptive measures I do to deal with pollen are regular washing of my pillow cases, spraying saline around my front and patio door and using face masks just about everywhere. Also, just don’t clean your surroundings, clean your nose as well; that’s where the pollen is having a party. Over the counter saline nasal spray and the old fashioned homemade saline (boiled water with salt) does the trick for me. I clean my nose with saline before going to bed and once during the day.

  • Move those legs

I don’t know why but walk helps me breath easily in the allergy season. I love to walk just after sun down; a power walk just perks up my immune system and during that time I almost manage to breath easily.

  • Boast the immune system

My favorite are the good old fashion bubbly dissolvable vitamin-C pills. Vitamin-C is the best for boasting up your immune system. I drink a glass every day and if tablets are not available, a glass of orange juice will just have to make do.

  • Be smart and stay educated

Tune into local news or preferably keep an eye out on the pollen count in your area. Google and find a website that caters to your region; Be smart and get your daily pollen forecast. It is especially useful if you are planning to travel in the peak allergy season.


  • Buy lip balm ladies

All the breathing through the mouth, blowing through the nose will leave your lips cracked and in pain. So, plan ahead and have a super-moist lip balm handy.

  • Tissues are your new best friend

Buy tissue boxES, not tissue box. Allergy attack don’t follow a pre-approved schedule, so keep different parts of the house and your office stocked with tissue boxes and please don’t be stingy; get the ones with moisturizer. Once the nose starts running you don’t have the luxury to run from room to room searching for tissues. Been there, done that.

In conclusion, with all the stated precautions, life is still miserable when I start sneezing and my nose is running. However, I continue to do the above because I have learned my lesson, and that was when riding on arrogance I didn’t do any or some of the above; my condition was reduced to about to ‘meet-my-maker!’

So, smarten up people and take all possible measures to survive the allergy season.

In a Limbo

When the oblivion

and darkness

threaten to engulf

disseminate and swallow

the thinking brain

the struggling soul

its hard to hold

the demons at bay

and harder yet

to work my way

to the shores of reality!

When delirium takes

the sense away…

its either dark

or twilight;

its neither day,

nor night!


Once upon a time, I was Created

With the softest Curves, I was Created

With the toughest Hide, I was Created

With the sharpest Wit, I was created

With the greatest Heart, I was Created


Once upon a time, I was Bestowed

With Endurance, I was Bestowed

With Love, I was Bestowed

With Duty, I was Bestowed

With Sensitivity, I was bestowed


Once upon a time, I was Branded

Forever more a Weakling, I was Branded

Forever more a Burden, I was Branded

Forever more a Distraction, I was Branded

Forever more a Simpleton, I was Branded


Once upon a time, I was Celebrated

As a Mother, I was Celebrated

As a Wife, I was Celebrated

As a Sister, I was Celebrated

As a Daughter, I was Celebrated


Once upon a time, I Rose

As the Warrior, I Rose

As the Revolutionist, I Rose

As the Queen, I Rose

As the Talent, I Rose


Once upon a time, I was Persecuted

In the name of Honor, I was Persecuted

In the name of Duty, I was Persecuted

In the name of Fear, I was Persecuted

In the name of Love, I was Persecuted


Once upon a time, I was Victorious

Over the Hate, I was Victorious

Over the Abuse, I was Victorious

Over the Terror, I was Victorious

Over the Atrocities, I was Victorious





A little more…Grrrrrr….to 12/10 score

OH, sweet revenge!!!

So, this has been happening for as long, as far I can remember; did it bother me? Of course!!! How would you feel if your Dad kept telling you at every exam result of yours “if you had done a little more” and this statement is more often than not accompanied with him holding the forefinger with the thumb placed at the half inch position. Unlike most people my age, my goal in life was to beat this finger and finally when I got to do it, it was the sweetest moment of my life! And then my girlfriend went ahead and made the moment epic by almost losing her head over what had transpired…. best moment ever!!!

So, growing up, our parents always enforced hard work, dedication, focus and as is done in a normal household’s positive reinforcements, in shape of rewards, to ensure we always did our best when it came to education and school work. These steps enforced by my parents, especially my Dad [an education fanatic, for whom a single degree is so not enough] made me a confident person who could boldly go up to him and tell him I got a zero in a test or have failed my 8th grade home economics midterm [honestly no surprises there]. However, he took the enforced “hard working and give it your best” slogan a bit further. Meaning, my earliest memory is that I got a pretty decent score at a hard exam and his response was good job, followed by him holding the forefinger with the thumb placed at the half inch position and stating if you had invested this much more effort, the result would be even better. The age I was in, it didn’t bother me exactly but it did sting a bit. And this tradition has followed through high school, college, university and continues to-date, even when I am by currents standards a professional!

Here’s the thing; this finger-thumb gesture used to motivate me in the beginning, rub me the wrong way in college and eventually I resigned to it because it was my Dad’s way of just telling me I had potential for more. Now, who can stay angry at such sentiment; not me apparently. But over the years it did fuel my desire to have a show down with my Dad like any teenager and then as a young individual.

And then came a glorious time when I stated “Ha! This time you can’t say I could have done a little more” followed by the finger-thumb gesture in my mind. It was a warm September, when I finally got my chance. I got result of my 2nd sessional of one of the toughest and abstract courses and I had scored 12/10. Yeah thats right; it was a relative grading system. I was so happy when I was calling my Dad and after I delivered the news I stated “Now tell me I could have tried a bit more”! My Dad, never to back down from his principles, promptly asked me how was my score relative to the other students scored and what was my position from the top, Gahhhhh !!!. Seriously the man would not let me have my moment! Luckily for me, I had topped that test and I very gleefully stated that information to my father. I must say the phone call lead to a glacier sized cold satisfaction in my heart that I cherished and would continue to treasure for the rest of my life.

The story just doesn’t end here; this incident was followed by more happy news [for me of course] when the same news lead to an almost spontaneous combustion with a side of dramatic head explosion, a consequence of the supposed incredulity of the news. I am very close to my girlfriends and when I was starting a new phase of my life, it was a habit to share every teensy-weensy news with my group. So, I told Zinovia that I scored 12/10 and boy did she lose it! The usually rational, super realistic, and extremely grounded girl blew the lid off her head! Now recalling, she actually had trouble talking because she was trying to incorporate sentiments like Aala have lost your head; what the hell; and other choice words about the demented school system I was in, to the sentimental favorite, “you are crazy dude!!!” If I were to ever write my official memoirs, that conversation and its follow-ups through the years will be in the top ten moments of my life. It was that good! Having almost graduated from a relative grading system, she still can’t swallow my personal best of 12/10 and continues to get infuriated upon mentioning of the said incident. Sweet times!! 🙂 !!

The information provided in this story is 
honest, Truth nothing but the truth and the writer commits that she totally believes in concepts like “revenge”, “intentionally provoking best friend, leading to her going nuts”