Curse of the luggage

Me      •         Airports       •         Luggage Let me start by saying, I love to travel. The idea of exploring new places and cultures excites me to no extent. However, my years of traveling has brought from within me an innate hatred towards the airports treatment of my “check-in” luggage. Here is how it all began; the... Continue Reading →


Magic: a step away

Snippets of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts: My journey to Oxford and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter The welcome Staircase and the Great Hall at Hogwarts “Welcome to Hogwarts” said Professor McGonagall, when she welcomed the young wizards in HP and The Sorcerer's Stone from the top of a stairwell. This particular stairwell lies in the... Continue Reading →

Diary entry: A pure kiss

  She was going to get her first swimming lesson! She was so excited and wanted to jump up and down like a two-year-old. Her instructor was her best friend and secret crush, whom she had put in the best friend category for safe keeping. He was a gorgeous five foot eleven inches’ specimen, with... Continue Reading →

In a Limbo

When the oblivion and darkness threaten to engulf disseminate and swallow the thinking brain the struggling soul its hard to hold the demons at bay and harder yet to work my way to the shores of reality! When delirium takes the sense away... its either dark or twilight; its neither day, nor night!


When the silence that surrounds you Is profound enough... When the sights and sounds Penetrate your senses The reality of existence Crystallizes itself!  


Once upon a time, I was Created With the softest Curves, I was Created With the toughest Hide, I was Created With the sharpest Wit, I was created With the greatest Heart, I was Created   Once upon a time, I was Bestowed With Endurance, I was Bestowed With Love, I was Bestowed With Duty,... Continue Reading →

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