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Me and Z have been friends for over a decade, actually rapidly closing in to two decades. We met as girls and have grown into women. We both are highly opinionated, dedicated to our causes and never forget to have fun. Over the years we have shared countless delicious meals, one-sided discussions, ideas, projects and lets not forget gossip.

The idea of Blog came to us in one of our random skyping-while-working sessions and we came to the conclusion that we know quite a few ladies; professionals, house wives, career-married-mothers, unmarried and so on. And over the years we have shared a variety of experiences in our own lives and through them. In all the ups and down we faced, in our thirties, when we felt we had survived the worst, new issues/concerns rose. So, we felt the need to bring these issues to the front and to the women out there, who, in a particular scenario can benefit or at lease seek solace in the knowledge that someone else out there, went through the same situation.

Authors: Aala and Zinovia


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