Scammers: Where is your Heart and Soul?

Recently a close friend of mine went through “one of the worst moments of her life”. She was almost scammed by a group of people who pose as representatives of government institute, corner you with allegations of some financial crime you have supposedly committed, and finally act as rescuers by asking for immediate payments as show of good faith by the penalized!

The process, as we discussed later was thoroughly orchestrated, focusing on some key features of human psyche.

  • Terror: She was terrorized and driven out of her freaking mind by threats of immediate arrest and holding of 72 hours straight, a court trial, 10 years of imprisonment and finally fines in thousands of dollars.
  • Sympathy: Next step, understanding and sympathy. It went something like, we understand your situation and don’t want your life and career affected by this honest mistake. Since your previous record states that you have never committed any fraud, we will help you resolve this. You need to remain calm and follow the instructions to the dot.
  • Isolation: She was instructed, under threat that there is nothing they will be able to do, if she contacted anybody, her husband, her friends, any other living soul. Any involvement by third party meant she was not interested in solving the problem immediately.
  • Survival: So, if you pay $10,000 within the next hour, covering the lawyer and court fees and the tax evasion she was accused off, they will settle the matter for good. Two conditions were proposed; do not hang up the phone (they are recording everything for court proceedings, she didn’t even go to the restroom knowing somebody will be listening to it) and do not tell anyone.

Even in trauma, a woman sees through!

Through the whole ordeal, she was scared out of her mind, twice her blood pressure dropped to the point that she almost fainted, yet through it all, her senses did not desert her. She had a paper in hand to write down the names of the so-called officers of the law, case ID, badge numbers and such. When she showed me the paper later, I was impressed as hell. This was what she had on the paper;

  1. She had written “I think it is a FRAUD”, bold letters to highlight her thoughts. She told me she came to that realization, when they kept telling her not to tell anyone, and asked for weird vouchers for payment.
  2. Although she was scared out of her mind and they kept telling her she can’t tell her husband, still somehow her system couldn’t follow this order. Since she couldn’t hang-up, she told her friend to call her husband from her computer. Then, she wrote down the salient features of what had transpired so far, for her husband to read when he arrived home.
  3. Finally, she remembered a friend of her husband, extremely cynical and sharp. On the paper, she also wrote for her husband to “call him”.

Is a woman a genetic Victim?

She is an educated, experienced woman and not an easy person to dupe or scare off. So, to give credit to those degenerates, they were able to almost make her believe because;

  • They knew her name and address.
  • They said over and over that they were tracking the call.

And the cherry on the top was a call from the police station, confirming that there is an arrest warrant with her name, and while she was on the phone with the bastards, they told her they can see that she has an incoming call and it is from emergency responders. They asked her to answer and let them know that they are handling the situation and tell them to delay the warrant. Thus, reaffirming in her mind that they were indeed tracking her phone!

So when her husband came she took the keys from him, gave him the paper so the people on the phone couldn’t listen and told him to call his friend ASAP. In the end, what happened was that while she was getting ready to leave for the bank, her husband and his friend realized it was a scam, made her cancel the call and he took the call when the scammers called back. They tried to bully him into giving the phone to her, he retaliated back by cornering them and asking information about himself, since they are a government agency and know everything about his wife! The cowards hung up on him and he was left to take care of her severely shaken wife.


Later, when she met with her lawyer, to further calm her frayed nerves, he shared a similar story. It was about check fraud. He was sent a retainer from a university based client, and two days after the check was deposited, the client contacted him to send 60% of the money back, because of a family emergency. Now, her lawyer is aware of how the checks work, just depositing a check in the bank is not enough, and it takes a few days for the check to be processed i.e. ensuring there are funds attached to the check. So, the lawyer, apologized that he can’t send the money back and as expected a week later the bank reported the check as fraud.

Also, she reported the information to police, knowing they will not be able to help, but point was to bring the matter to the right authorities so as to generate a database, because I can bet my next month’s check that she wasn’t the first or the last to almost or completely fall for the scam! 

Advice to all

Under no circumstances agree to weird payment methods; the government doesn’t work that way.

Please, immediately call your family or lawyer for assistance.

If they have to arrest you for a crime you actually committed, they will not call you to give you a heads up.

With the right tricks, anyone can be scammed, so stay smart and please support your friends and family.






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