Let’s talk about the Boot (Diary Entry # 1)

My narrative of travels through Italy

I love to travel!

Even with my experience as a repeated victim of luggage abuse (check out my earlier post “curse of the luggage”), my need and goal to explore, explore and explore yet a little more is not crushed.

Let’s begin with the “Bride of the Sea,” also known as the “City of Masks,” “The Floating City,” but most commonly known as Venice.

Bride of the sea

I can most definitely rate it as one of the worst experience of my life. Please Stop, don’t go cuckoo; nothing’s wrong with the city or what it has to offer or for that matter me! The problem was my plan sucked, big time. Normally, I am an avid and borderline OCD planner, but this time I had failed to incorporate the fact that it’s Venice (which gets about 20 million visitors per year) and that my visit was in the month of August (just the ever-scorching sun and the pleasures it brings). My intention was a short-day trip, the itinerary included must go to cathedral (I am kind of obsessed with Italy’s cathedrals) and of course a Gondola ride. Keep it simple and fun…boy was I wrong on that front! Here is an overview of the reality of my trip.

Had lunch at a small restaurant, on the side of a canal, site and food perfecto!

view from my resturant

As long as I stayed away from the out of control places like Piazza San Marco, that host both the St Mark’s Cathedral and the Doge’s Palace I was safe. Because dear readers it was “bloody over crowded” the Piazza as well as the Cathedral inside, lines everywhere. The Cathedral’s exterior is a sight to behold, but even my ogling was restricted to a minute or so, because let’s not forget the ever present, ever blazing sun. My experience now reminds me of a recent article I came across about the reality of some of the great touristic places, like the great wall of China among other examples. In pictures its majestic and ideally lacking a single human or otherwise being. Reality check people, it is so over crowded that all you see is heads in front of you. I was met with more or less the same scenario in the Piazza St. Marco and at the Rialto bridge. The only thing I saw, were the people!


Couldn’t do the Gondola ride I promised myself, too hot! But the heat didn’t stop me from appreciating the beauty of the gondolas, they were just so pretty.


Other than that, I learned the best way to enjoy Venice is walk, walk and walk, aimlessly (preferably in the shades). You get to see the small nooks and crannies, the small channel of canals with gondolas, small cafes with your favorite expresso (coffee is not a temperature-dependent pleasure), the freshly squeezed orange juice and the water melon wedges to battle the ever-present heat.

Unfortunately, it was one of those times, I couldn’t wait to return home.






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