Diary entry: A pure kiss


She was going to get her first swimming lesson!

She was so excited and wanted to jump up and down like a two-year-old. Her instructor was her best friend and secret crush, whom she had put in the best friend category for safe keeping. He was a gorgeous five foot eleven inches’ specimen, with arm curls, just shy of a toned chest, muscled legs with not an ounce of fat and a perfect butt. Here’s the kicker, being an introvert-in-denial type, she did not see through the Grand Canyon size hole in her plan of using him as her instructor. Which lead to her belatedly realizing that he was one sneaky puppy and her one-sided lust was so not one sided:)

They were going to drive to the beautiful, family friendly spring, north of the city. She decided on a casual chic outfit, her cutest red crop top, with a sequenced heart on the chest paired with her water resistant black capris. Last minute she decided to wear her brand-spanking-new pink leopard print one piece backless bathing suit, under the said outfit. She bought and wore the bathing suit knowing no-way-in-hell she will be wearing that only! She was five foot five, with curves at all the right places and was never comfortable with showing off too much skin. Her comfort zone would max out at sleeveless top and capris. So, the decision to wear swimming suit under the outfit she was going to swim in was just bizarre at best.

As they made the trip down the spring (a downhill walk from the parking area), she realized it was the perfect day for swimming; a slightly hot day with a light breeze and happy families everywhere.

Although she denied it repeatedly but she always looked forward to these trips and outings with him. He was an easy-going person, always paying attention and managed to make her feel special and exotic with small gestures and looks. She knew he liked her beyond a friend, if his birthday present from her “dress up for me, please” and his plan of her birthday party were any indicators. But her system continued to reject the notion and swept it under the rug as friendly gestures.

They left their phones and shoes in the car and only had a tote with the towels and flip-flops. When they reached the water, he took off his shirt and jumped in first, while she sat on the side with her legs dangling in the water. The water around her feet was crisp yet warm and she was enjoying playing with the water. He was standing near her dangling legs and was explaining her the few steps they will try today. He really looked good without a shirt, scattered hair on his chest, the low hanging swimming trunks. A silent sigh escaped her lips but was immediately forgotten when he took her hand and pulled her in water. She immediately went under the surface but he quickly pulled her out, holding her by her elbows. He helped her float on the water on her stomach, and taught her how to move her arms and legs to move forward. They did this for a while; he was an excellent teacher she thought, patient and caring. This was way better than her earlier attempt with her friends; they took her to the pool, made her stand on the shallow end and nudged her to go forward and told her to swim! She was definitely not going back to that travesty.


The next step, was a little hard, holding breath under water. He held out his arms, the man had some seriously sculpted arms. His hands anchored at her waist and told her to dunk herself, hold her breath and come up when she needed to breath. She loved water and under the warmth of the sun with the contrasting coolness of the water and his hand on her waist, she was enjoying this exercise immensely. After a while she decided she needed a break, so once again she deposited herself on the side with legs dangling in the water and told him to go enjoy and do some grownup swimming.

With the most adorable smile he asked her if she was sure, he didn’t want to leave her alone and could stay with her. But she told him to go and enjoy the water. He told her he will be back shortly and with strong powerful strokes started moving towards the opposite end of the water area. He really enjoys swimming, one could tell by the sheer force of his strokes and the megawatt smile he sent her from the other end. He did some fancy dunking and flips that were way off her league but they sure were fun to watch. After a while he came back and taking her hands moved her to the middle of the water. This time he told her to combine the exercises they did and try to move forward with hand and leg strokes. She was immediately excited and petrified but he gently took her arm and assured her he will be with her every second.

Later at night she thought why she believed his words. Yes, he had been a perfect gentleman, a little naughty but respectful. But she realized she trusted him completely and she was not one to trust easily.

He helped her flip on her stomach and she experimented moving her arms and legs first using the butterfly stroke and then in the forward one, while he reassuringly kept an arm on her belly. She was soon moving around on her own and although she could propel herself forward, she was doing it in a completely free style way, with no synchronization what so ever. She would move her arms but realize she forgot to move her legs, she will move her legs but then become conscious because she felt her butt was raised above water and so on.

She kept fumbling around with her own style and not once he made a face or criticized her. He was beaming with every stroke she made and encouraged her consistently. It was the triumph and confidence in his eyes that kept her following the steps repeatedly. After a while she had to stop because her arms started to hurt and they decided to wrap up for the day. Although, she was not happy to leave the water, she was definitely jumping with joy in her head over her first lesson. She got out of the water to dry herself while he went back for one quick swim.


The look on her face was of pure bliss and excitement. She knew she made the right decision in asking him to teach her swimming. Throughout the time, they were in the water, he was just perfect, handling her with care and showering her with praises and cheers. Afterwards they went to the restrooms to change into dry clothes and decided that they should head home to change before they go for dinner. He picked her up from her apartment and they drove to his apartment because he had to pick a last-minute thing.

He parked in front of his building and asked her to close her eyes. She was very surprised with the request and asked “why?”, but he did not answer and just insisted that she does so. His request and insistence had made her curious so she closed her eyes and impatiently asked “now what?”. A bare second later she felt his lips touch hers, in the softest and sweetest manner ever. Her brain lost all coherent thoughts and next thing she heard was “be right back” and he was out of the car. While she sat frozen in the passenger set her brain yelled, he kissed me! He kissed ME! That was the only mantra revolving in her head, till he came back.


Days later, they were out for a stroll, he dropped another bombshell. They were walking away from the mall, towards the car and he suddenly said, “you have a beautiful back, it’s very sexy”, shocked, she replied, “when did you see my back?” He asked her if she remembered the day they went to the spring for swimming, she said she did. He told her when she was doing the floating exercise, her top was pushed up because of the water flow and he saw her back. If she was the blushing type she would have turned pink to her roots on that statement. Instead she smiled and told him “you are so bad” and his response was the naughty smile, she had come to adore.



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