My Survival Guide to Seasonal (pollen) Allergy

On and off I have been a victim of seasonal allergies throughout my twenties and in my thirties, I still have not achieved absolution. Although, it is not a happy thought, I have learned to deal with this recurring nightmare. Here are a few vetted tips.

  • Do not be a hero

Seasonal allergens are stubborn like a doggy with a bone, so might as well give in. It’s not going to go away and it will continue to make you miserable. So, take precautions, medicine whatever you need to do to survive the season.

  • Drugs are the solution

Quickly run to your local pharmacy and get over the counter allergy medicine. Be careful to get the “non-drowsy” type, I am sure your boss/teacher will be grateful for not sleeping through the work/class hours. It’s not a miracle cure but it will definitely make a difficult day easier to bear.

  • Clean, clean and then clean some more

Although dust is known to aggravate my condition, my primary concern is the pollen that I bring from outside. It’s in my hair, clothes, shoe bottoms and bed. Some of the preemptive measures I do to deal with pollen are regular washing of my pillow cases, spraying saline around my front and patio door and using face masks just about everywhere. Also, just don’t clean your surroundings, clean your nose as well; that’s where the pollen is having a party. Over the counter saline nasal spray and the old fashioned homemade saline (boiled water with salt) does the trick for me. I clean my nose with saline before going to bed and once during the day.

  • Move those legs

I don’t know why but walk helps me breath easily in the allergy season. I love to walk just after sun down; a power walk just perks up my immune system and during that time I almost manage to breath easily.

  • Boast the immune system

My favorite are the good old fashion bubbly dissolvable vitamin-C pills. Vitamin-C is the best for boasting up your immune system. I drink a glass every day and if tablets are not available, a glass of orange juice will just have to make do.

  • Be smart and stay educated

Tune into local news or preferably keep an eye out on the pollen count in your area. Google and find a website that caters to your region; Be smart and get your daily pollen forecast. It is especially useful if you are planning to travel in the peak allergy season.


  • Buy lip balm ladies

All the breathing through the mouth, blowing through the nose will leave your lips cracked and in pain. So, plan ahead and have a super-moist lip balm handy.

  • Tissues are your new best friend

Buy tissue boxES, not tissue box. Allergy attack don’t follow a pre-approved schedule, so keep different parts of the house and your office stocked with tissue boxes and please don’t be stingy; get the ones with moisturizer. Once the nose starts running you don’t have the luxury to run from room to room searching for tissues. Been there, done that.

In conclusion, with all the stated precautions, life is still miserable when I start sneezing and my nose is running. However, I continue to do the above because I have learned my lesson, and that was when riding on arrogance I didn’t do any or some of the above; my condition was reduced to about to ‘meet-my-maker!’

So, smarten up people and take all possible measures to survive the allergy season.


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