Thoughts on a random evening…

And the pattern continues. Like most of us from the previous century, I too, write down my thoughts and feelings in black and white, preferably on a diary of some sort. And I do it only for catharsis, in moments of deep anguish, be those self-inflicted or circumstantial. And so I did not write down... Continue Reading →

Dresser Makeover

Christmas came right on time! The holidays can be so hard, all that rest, binge eating, movie marathons, lazy hangouts; the torture is just endless. Last year me and my husband didn’t have any travel plans, so we decided to save ourselves from our stress-free suffering and do something constructive, like a project. We have... Continue Reading →

One year ago Oh man, I can’t wait to go again! My head was still spinning for the adrenaline rush I got from the last ride; the crazy drops, the strong wind hitting my face and me shouting at the top of lungs as the ride took us through its twists and turns. I am... Continue Reading →

During the course of our studies and in our young professional life we have endured the following comments “why physics?” “But it’s so tough!” “How you get the hang of it?” and the list continues. This article is one small attempt by us to make the readers understand especially the young generation, the undisputable resemblances... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about the Boot (Diary Entry # 2)

My narrative of travels through Italy I am absolutely in loveeee with Northern Italy and more specifically the Lakes and towns around them. On this particular topic, I will have two entries, so please stay tuned! ******************************* I enjoy Tai Chi, the whole flow of energy kind of exercise really speaks to me. So, when... Continue Reading →

Scammers: Where is your Heart and Soul?

Recently a close friend of mine went through “one of the worst moments of her life”. She was almost scammed by a group of people who pose as representatives of government institute, corner you with allegations of some financial crime you have supposedly committed, and finally act as rescuers by asking for immediate payments as... Continue Reading →

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